Market Analysis

We conduct thorough market research of nearby homes and the surrounding area of your rental property to determine the best rental price that ensures you receive the highest income possible on your investment.

Prepare Rental Property for Market

We perform an initial walk-through and inspection of your property upon hiring to create a list of any necessary repairs and a list of potential improvements that could increase the monthly rent of your property.

Professional Pictures

A potential tenant's first impression of your rental property will most likely be based on the pictures viewed online and on advertisements, thus we put a lot of effort into professional, high quality pictures of your property.

Strategic Marketing

There are more marketing avenues available now than ever before and Friddle Property Management takes advantage of every one of them. Not only do we list your property on the major real estate websites (Zillow, Trulia, HotPads, and more), we are also very aggressive on the social media front by running targeted ads on the popular social media platforms.

Property Showings

Before we show a property to an interested party, we conduct a brief questionnaire that gives us a general understanding on whether or not they could potentially qualify. This questionnaire consists of questions pertaining to their employment status, current income, and rental history. If it seems they could possibly qualify, based on their answers, we schedule a time to show them the property.

Alongside a traditional, in-person showing of the property, we also offer virtual showings and video call showings. The virtual showings consist of pre-recorded videos of the property that we send to the potential tenant. The video call showings are conducted using apps such as Facetime or Zoom and allow the property manager to show the potential tenant every aspect of the property while also allowing the potential tenant to ask questions and direct the property manager to specific parts of the property.

Application Processing

Tenant applications are the most important part of ensuring that we place a reliable and trustworthy tenant in your rental property. We use a thorough application that is easily accessible online through our portal.

View Tenant Application

Thorough Tenant Screenings

A major part of our application process is our tenant screenings. Our tenant screenings consist of comprehensive background checks on individuals that would be living in the rental property.

We use TransUnion to perform our background checks which includes: credit history, prior rental history, and criminal record. We also verify applicants’ employment status and income to ensure they are capable of paying rent on time. These are the necessary steps to ensure we place the most qualified tenants into our rental properties and give our homeowners peace of mind.

Tenant Placement

After a tenant has been approved through our application and screening process, we are ready to sign the lease agreement and prepare to move them into the rental property. Before moving into the rental property, we perform an all-encompassing move-in inspection which we require the new tenants to sign to prevent any misunderstandings once they move out and a smooth transition can ensue.

Lease Preparation and Signing

The lease signing is a simple and fast process where we sit with the tenant(s) and walk them through all of the terms and conditions of the lease.

Property Inspections

Move-in Inspections

We conduct move-in inspections before new tenants begin to move into the house. During the inspection, we take detailed pictures of every aspect of the house and property. Once we finish the inspection, we send a copy to the new tenant to review and sign before they can move in.

Move-out Inspections

Upon a tenant moving out, we perform an inspection to assess any damages that occurred during the tenants stay that are in excess of normal wear and tear. We compare the current condition of the property to that of the condition detailed during the move-in inspection to determine if there are any damages that fall under the responsibility of the tenant(s). Damages deemed the responsibility of the tenant(s) may decrease the amount of the security deposit returned to the tenant(s). Also, if the cost to repair the damages is greater than that of the security deposit, the tenant will need to make up the sum.

Quarterly Inspections

Every quarter we perform an abbreviated inspection to ensure that the current tenants are taking care of the property. We also check that the tenants are performing the tasks that are their responsibility, such as the changing of air filters in the HVAC system and maintaining a manicured lawn.

Property Maintenance

We handle all maintenance requests and repairs of your rental property. Tenants can submit maintenance requests through our Secure Tenant Portal. Upon receiving a maintenance request, we notify the property owner that we are sending out one of our trusted contractors to assess the problem. Once the contractor identifies the problem, we discuss the different options with the property owner and recommend a solution.

Secure Tenant Portal

  • Pay Rent Online
  • Submit Maintenance Requests
  • Messaging - for communication between tenant(s) and property manager.

Secure Owner Portal

  • Direct Deposits
  • Real-Time Financial Reports
  • Individual Property Tracking
  • In-depth Monthly Reports